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Oil & Energy

Oil & Energy

Oil & Energy

The Oil and Energy industries generate an enormous amount of paperwork from purchase ledger invoices and personnel files to plans, drawings and logs. Oil well logs can take the form of drawings which are many metres long and we handle these with our large format scanners.  We also have equipment capable of scanning offshore seismic hardcopy sections at 600DPI to allow accurate reconstruction of the post stack seismic data to a SEGY digital file. 

Transmedia provide scanning of paperwork, complex OCR data capture and indexing to databases. We can store or securely destroy the originals and keep copies of the scanned data at our secure premises. Alternatively material can be collected and returned via our own secure fleet of vans.

Document databases or hyperlinked spreadsheets can be produced from scanned materials to catalogue the files and allow quick and easy retrieval as and when they are needed.  We also offer a simple, user friendly cloud solution to allow access to your documents via the web.

The large volume of diverse material typically generated by this business sector is not an issue for our experienced staff and well established systems.

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