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Aircraft Engine Suppliers - Record Scanning & Archiving Case Study

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Engine Record Scanning
Long Term Archiving

We have scanned and now store over 10,000 boxes of back-to-birth engine records. Boxes are collected from the customer's premises and scanned daily with a 48 hour turnaround. Multiple copies of the CDs are produced and distributed around the world.

The documentation contains critical information so 100% quality assurance and verification is essential.

The customer has a vast amount of information in relation to their maintenance service records, which are critical to their processes. Each process is quality checked and certified to conform to CAA regulations. The challenge was to digitise these records to enable easy access to end users, auditors, etc.

The Solution
Transmedia collected, digitised and indexed the records.

We then provided the client with our own software retrieval system for the images, allowing them immediate access for auditing purposes and providing them with a comprehensive history of all completed maintenance and testing.

We continue to collect and digitise these records on a daily basis.

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