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Be Cosmetic Clinics is a bespoke cosmetic surgery brand founded and led by Harley Street Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Hassan Nurein, who has been practicing for over five years. Be Cosmetic Clinics is niche and exclusively dedicated to hair restoration, body contouring, fat transfer, VASER 4D/Liposuction, gynaecomastia treatment and other cosmetic procedures.

The Challenge
A record is produced for every patient who receives treatment at the clinic, detailing the type and date of treatment, the patient's contact details, the cost of treatment, and various other information.  Be Cosmetic Clinics required scanning of their backlog and 'live' patient records, along with data capture of the various information contained within the files.

The Solution
Transmedia collected the patient records from Be Cosmetic's London and Sheffield clinics, using their own secure transport. The files were scanned, OCRd and output as searchable PDFs, allowing the clinic to quickly search across files for specific information.  Manual indexing was also performed on the files, capturing the various required details and outputting in a usable structured format.

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