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Based in Cardiff, the organisation collects data from some 1.4 million live UK companies. Its main role is the registration and provision of UK business information. Since March 1995, over 25 million documents have become available online. The total grows by more than 5 million per annum.

The Challenge
Companies House had an obligation to make company information available to the public. They provided a microfiche search product for customers on a same or next day service.  At the time this was supplied as a duplicate fiche of the original held at the Cardiff office but Companies House wanted to replace the fiche product with a digital image.

The Solution

Transmedia use their secure GPS tracked vehicles to collect microfiche, which have been requested by the public, on a daily basis. Transmedia then digitise each microfiche and send DVDs containing the scanned images directly to Companies House's customers, as well as returning a copy of all scanned images to Companies House the next working day. 

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