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ABMU GP Practice
Lloyd George Patient Records
Medical Records Digitisation

A local NHS GP practice approached Transmedia with a requirement to digitise their archive of Lloyd George patient records.  These medical records exist for every patient who was born or arrived in the UK before 2000 and although they are no longer active, GPs are obliged to store them as part of a patient's full health record.  Locating a required patient record within the hundreds of stored files, and then searching within the file for a particular document, is a time consuming task for administrative staff whose time could otherwise be better utilised.

The Challenge
The practice needed to maintain access to the files while offsite and due to the legal nature of the files, needed the scanned copy to be of the same quality as the paper original.  There was also a requirement to restore the files to their original condition after scanning as they were to be returned to the practice.


"Thank you for the excellent scanning service you provided our Practice, all of our staff have been impressed with the efficiency and high levels of customer service demonstrated by your team. The reconstituting of the files will save our staff a great deal of time, and I will not hesitate in engaging your services again in the future"

The Practice Manager

The Solution
The files were collected using Transmedia's secure transport and the GP practice supplied a comprehensive spreadsheet detailing the contents of every box. This spreadsheet was checked off against the originals to ensure all files had been received. The practice utilised Transmedia's scan on demand service while the records were offsite, allowing them to request a file by email and have an electronic copy sent back the same day.

An electronic file was produced for every medical record and named as the patient's surname and first names allowing for easy retrieval. The files were scanned to searchable PDF format which meant that any particular document within the file could be found instantly by using Adobe Reader's search tool. This simple solution requires no software (other than Adobe Reader which is free to download), and has cut down the time searching for a medical record to seconds, freeing up administrative staff and resources.


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