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The City and County of Swansea Council is the governing body for one of the Principal Areas of Wales covering Swansea, Gower and the surrounding area. The council consists of 72 councillors representing 36 electoral wards.

Transmedia have been providing document management and digitisation services across a number of departments within the council for many years. We have converted a wide range of hard copy formats from aperture cards, microfiche and rollfilms, to A4 paperwork and large format drawings. We have scanned various documentation on a regular basis including planning/building control, housing, tenancy, finance, and education files, as well as performing many one off bulk scanning projects, including 35,000 property history cards, hundreds of large format location plans, and over 10,000 additional learning needs files. 


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Additional Learning Needs Project

Transmedia have been regularly scanning Access to Learning/Additional Learning Needs files for Swansea Council for over ten years, with over 100 data discs produced containing the digitised documents. A bespoke electronic document management system was supplied to allow easy retrieval of the records and access to the images.  The council have now switched to an entirely paperless solution, however there was a large backlog of hard copy files remaining. In order to increase the availability of these documents, and to free up space in their offices, there was an urgent requirement to digitise the remaining files. 

The documents were removed from Swansea Council offices and transported to Transmedia's scanning bureau by our own security vetted personnel and tracked vehicles. As a large number of files were ‘live’, a scan-on-demand service was made available to the team so that specific files could be requested, scanned and uploaded to the cloud within a few hours.  This meant that any required information was always readily available to the team.

All files were prepared by Transmedia staff (removal of paper clips, staples, poly pockets etc), with the documents categorised into a number of sections in order to mimic the new paperless solution and allow seamless integration. The resulting digitised files allow Council staff to quickly navigate to the file and section they require, saving time and resources, and as all images were supplied in searchable PDF format, they can now also find individual documents within a file almost instantly.

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