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Archiving & Storage

Archiving & Storage

Secure archival physical document and electronic storage services

Document & physical media storage facilities

Our complete range of document management services include secure offsite hard copy document storage. Immediate access is available in the event of a disaster recovery situation.

At our large secure premises we have storage facilities suitable for a wide variety of media such as paper, film, CDs, DVDs and tape backups.

Some of the valuable features of the archives include:

  • Fire detection and argonite fire suppression systems
  • Climate control
  • Scan on demand - retrieve documents electronically via email or FTP with fast turnaround


Security in Transit

Security is paramount from the moment your materials are received in our custody. We take the following steps to ensure they are transported safely.

  • We use our own transport for the collection of materials. No third party is involved
  • Drivers and staff members are externally security vetted
  • Single step collection and delivery - hardcopy files and media go directly from your premises to our file storage facility
  • Documents are not left in vehicles overnight or holding areas prior to storage
  • Vehicles fitted with GPS tracking
  • Full audit trail available for your data from the time of collection from your premises to the time of its return to your premises

Storage Solutions

We offer a range of data storage solutions including:

  • Active box storage
  • Dormant rack storage
  • Bulk storage
  • Data tape storage
  • Fire resistant storage
  • Architect tube storage

Security Options

Upon reaching our premises we have three levels of security; Gold and Silver options conform to PD 5454:2012 - the recognised standard for archival storage of hardcopy material:

  • Gold Storage - biometric enclosure with full temperature and humidity control. Restricted access by fingerprint controlled lock mechanism. Argonite gas fire suppression system installed
  • Silver Storage - temperature controlled archive. Restricted access. Argonite gas fire suppression system installed
  • Bronze Storage - low-cost basic document storage

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