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Microfilm & Fiche Scanning

Microfilm & Fiche Scanning

Microfilm/Microfiche Scanning, Digitisation & Conversion

Professional Conversion Service

Transmedia have been scanning and digitising all forms of microfilm, aperture cards, negatives and transparencies for over 35 years and are trusted by The National Archives, Companies House and many clients from the private sector.

Our experienced technicians can convert your microfilm and microfiche collection into an electronic format of your specification, including a searchable document archive. 

A searchable document archive allows the instant retrieval of any document data and can be produced not only from microfilm and microfiche archives but includes aperture cards, medical and industrial X-rays and half-plate negatives.

Our success has been built on working closely with our customers ensuring their requirements are met coupled with a rigorous quality control system.

Why Digitise Your Film-Based Records?

Microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, negatives and other film-based media are all subject to:

  • Age degradation
  • Take up valuable space
  • Require significant time to search
  • Difficult to transfer
  • Readers are becoming more difficult to source and repair
  • Only accessible at location of storage
  • Not possible to edit
  • Limited disaster solutions

Our digital solutions solve all of these issues and additionally we can improve the quality of the files using the best and most up to date scanning technology.

Our secure storage facility fitted with the latest fire protection systems offers the opportunity to retain the original documentation and have it available on demand if required.

​Types of Film & Negatives Scanned

Using the latest scanning equipment we can produce high quality digital images from a variety of microfilm & negatives including:

  • 16mm & 35mm rollfilm
  • 16mm, 35mm or combination fiche jackets
  • 35mm colour slides & negatives
  • Transparencies & half plate negatives
  • COM fiche
  • Aperture cards
  • Medical & industrial X-Rays

We are capable of scanning in colour, greyscale or black and white, to various formats to meet your exact requirements.

Our digital output formats include free to access, TIFF, JPEG and searchable Adobe PDF, so that you are not limited to expensive software or systems.

Every client has different specifications. To discuss your requirements, get a no obligation quote, or have a free sample produced from your originals, please contact us here.

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