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Slide Scanning

Slide Scanning

35mm Photographic Slide Scanning Service

Professional Slide Scanning

Photographic slides suffer from deterioration over time and become faded, scratched and damaged through mishandling and general use. Transmedia have high end equipment and vast experience in handling and converting old photographic slides into digital form, preserving the image and restoring it back to its original quality. Any type of mounted slide can be scanned, including, 35mm, 126, 127, 110, negative, positive, monochrome, Kodachrome and Fujichrome. 

Transmedia have digitised personal collections for private customers along with vast collections for large organisations (view our case study for Bloomsbury Publishing here).

Transmedia also have dedicated equipment for digitising prints, negatives, transparencies and film, and can also produce printed copies, including poster size prints, photo books and DVD slideshows of any of your images.

High quality service

Transmedia offer a high level of service at a low price:

  • Images are saved in uncompressed TIFF format, which allow for image enhancements and post processing without a reduction in quality. These can be supplied along with compressed JPEG/PDF copies at no additional cost.
  • Slides are scanned to a very high resolution (up to 3600DPI).
  • All images are cropped to the edge of the photograph as standard (no black border showing) and rotated to the correct orientation.
  • Slides can be manually dusted where necessary, using compressed air which causes no damage to the film.
  • Hand cleaning/repairing of dirty/damaged slides can be carried out for an additional cost where necessary.
  • Slides will be returned to their original containers in the order received and images will be supplied on CD/DVD/USB memory stick.


Image Enhancements

There are a number of options for enhancing the image quality where slides have degraded over time and become faded. We usually scan with no enhancements so that the resulting images are a true representation of the original slides. However, colour restoration and auto toning can be applied as a post-scanning process at no extra cost, to restore the image to it's former quality. 

While every effort is made to remove dust from the surface of the slide prior to scanning, some may still remain and appear in the image. We offer scanning with Digital ICE (Digital Image Correction and Enhancement) as an option, which is a hardware assisted process that can be used to remove surface defects from images during scanning, without altering the underlying image. This is achieved by scanning the slide twice, once with a normal RGB camera and again using infrared, which can detect any dust or scratches.

If you would like to obtain a quote for our scanning service, or would like a free sample produced from your slides, then please contact us here and we'll be happy to help.

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