Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

Fully protected, high physical security
We take the protection of the information entrusted to us by our customers very seriously indeed. 

We appreciate that many of the documents in our care may be confidential or sensitive in nature. For this reason, we have clearly auditable processes in place to safeguard confidentiality. All Transmedia employees are security vetted by an external company, CYS Online Ltd, and the importance of rigorous security practices is embedded in our corporate culture.

Fully documented procedures are in place for the collection and return of records or information held long term in our archival storage facility. We have the in-house technology and expertise to scan or convert any type of document or microform; all scanning and storage is carried out within a fully protected, high physical security environment. We do not subcontract work of any description.

Transmedia is registered with Data Protection, registration number Z5792230, and operates a Data Protection Code of Practice. In addition we are externally audited to BS7858:1996 Standards.

Secure transport and handling
Security is only as strong as its weakest link. For this reason files in our custody remain within our facility at all times. By using our own transport for the collection of hardcopy files we eliminate any risk of loss or damage by third party organisations.

When asked for a collection, we complete a collection slip through our workflow management system, which immediately issues a sequential job number for the collection. The collection slip includes all relevant details of the job and two copies are produced and given to the driver.  When the documents have been collected the driver obtains a signature and date from an authorised person. One copy of the collection slip is returned to our office and one is left with the customer for their records.

The documents are then securely transported back to our facility.  On arrival at our facility, the driver takes the documents to the goods inwards area and passes the collection slip onto production.  The operator reviews the collection slip and checks that the details are correct in relation to the items found at the goods inwards area as well as against any inventory provided by the customer. When satisfied that everything is in order, they formally accept the job on our workflow management system.

A Job Registration Card is then printed, which will accompany the originals at all times until the job is complete. If any discrepancies are found, we contact the customer immediately for clarification. 

Our workflow management system provides a full audit trail from quotation stage right through to completion and delivery of the job back to the customer. Once collected the data is delivered directly to our Swansea premises (no documents are left overnight in our vehicles). On arrival at our premises, data is immediately transferred into our file storage area. This is a fully protected environment in compliance with PD5454:2012 standards.

Secure archive storage
Transmedia offers three levels of security, each with a different cost structure. Dependent on the level of security required (e.g. if your records have not been previously scanned), we would strongly recommend storing all of your original documents to PD5454:2012 Standards, the recognised standard for archival storage of hardcopy-based records.

Gold Storage
Biometric enclosure with full temperature and humidity control (Restricted access by fingerprint controlled lock mechanism). Argonite gas fire suppression system installed. Conforms to PD5454:2012 Standards.

Silver Storage
Temperature controlled and Argonite gas fire suppression system installed. Conforms to PD5454:2012 Standards.

Bronze Storage
Low-cost basic storage.

Secure data erasure
Transmedia provides data erasure services for computer memory/storage/cache. All data erasure is warranted in compliance with appropriate standards, and disposed of in accordance with HMG Infosec Standard No 5 (IS 5). File systems containing a customer’s data are wiped three times, with every sector overwritten with one pass of randomly generated data.

If required, we can adopt HMG IS5 Enhanced (equivalent to US DOD 5220.22-M): this entails every sector being over-written three times. Written confirmation that this procedure has been satisfactorily completed is supplied once the data is erased.

Certification/Accreditation currently held:

  • ISO9001:2015 - We were originally accredited to BS5750 in 1992 (the first image bureau in Europe to achieve this).  We have updated this over the years and received accreditation to the revised Standard ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • ISO27001:2013 - We have always followed best practices for information security but became fully accredited to ISO27001 in 2018.
  • BS8555:2003 Phase 2 - Environmental Management

Other Standards we comply with and systems we have in place:

  • PD5454:2012 - Fully protected archive environment in compliance with this Standard
  • BS ISO 15489-1:2001 (Information and documentation - Records management, General) - Organisational records protection system in operation compliant with this Standard
  • BS15713 – Information destruction – we comply with this Standard and all services are carried out by Transmedia personnel from collection by our GPS tracked vehicles to the eventual confidential destruction on site at our premises.
  • ISO17799:2005 (Code of Practice for Information Security Management) and ISO 27001:2005 (Specification for Information Security Management Systems) - Information security management system in operation compliant with these Standards
  • BIP0008-1:2008 (Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically)
  • BS7858:2012 – We use an external company, CYS Online Ltd who carry out a 10 year security screening on all our employees as well as a criminal record check.
  • ISO 3272-2:1994 - Microfilm Technical Drawings
  • ISO 6199:1991 - Micrographics
  • ISO 9923:1994 - Micrographics – transparent A6 microfiche – image arrangements
  • BS 1153:1992 - Process and Storage of Microfilm
  • BS 6498:2002 - Guide to preparation of microfilm and other microforms that may be required for evidence


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